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Cio Ramirez CD(DONA)

I became a certified birth doula with Dona International in February 2020. I’ve built a fulfilling relationship with SENECA, an organization that helps at-risk and/or low-income families. I am also a supporter and sensitive to the needs of all types of families.   I believe family centered labor and delivery is important for a positive start to parenting. 

I’m a mom to 10 awesome kids from college-aged to preschool. I’ve had five miscarriages. The loss of a pregnancy can be heart-wrenching and I believe a person should be allowed to mourn no matter when in the pregnancy the loss occurs. I’m also very open to discussing my struggles with PPD/PPA, breastfeeding difficulties, and have connections with therapists, lactation consultants, and support groups in the Columbus area. 

I believe people should be informed of their options and make decisions for their bodies with confidence. With knowledge and understanding your voice can be heard and we can work together towards an empowered birth

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