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Cio Ramirez Clients...

Estella and Baby

March 2019:  "I recently gave birth to my first daughter and I had Rocio serve as my doula. Having her there was invaluable to me. Having someone there coaching me through it helped me stay level headed. I didn’t take any birthing classes beforehand so I didn’t know a lot of coping techniques to help me, but Rocio talked me through each painful contraction. Her coaching made it not only easier on me but also on my husband as she was able to delegate jobs to him as well when I was unable to vocalize my needs. I truly believe that without her help I would have broken down and gotten an epidural, but I am proud to say I was able to deliver my daughter naturally- minus some pain medicine towards the beginning of my labor before she arrived. She was also available to me in the weeks afterwards whenever I had questions, and made it a point to check on me to see how me and my daughter were doing. She is awesome and I highly recommend her and would definitely hire her again for future pregnancies if I am able!

Shaunika and Baby Serenity

April 2019:  "Having Rocio as doula was such an amazing experience from the very beginning. She was very sweet, compassionate and supportive of whatever I wanted to do. She was very understanding and informative of letting me know that I had rights and help me do a birthing plan and accomplish it. My labor experience was everything I wanted and more thanks to her. All the techniques she showed and use were amazing to helping me accomplish a natural birth. I would recommend her to everybody. She is an amazing doula and person overall."

Rocio testimony from Fabiola Morales.jpg
Edna Morales and Baby

August 2019: "Rocio is the best Dula person that helped my mom in the delivery process. She made everything to go really well and to calm her down. Thanks to her my mom and her baby are doing perfectly fine now Jayden will be 2 months on Oct. 05. We would really recommend Rocio to whom ever is interested in getting a Dula. Thank you Rocio for everything."

Kristin Thompson and Baby Julia

September 2019:  "I decided I wanted a doula when I found out I had to deliver at Martin Army Community Hospital. I was scared and wanted someone other than my husband in the room to advocate for me and coach me through a natural birth. Rocio was the first doula to message me back and I truly believe it was fate that brought us together. As a nurse myself, I appreciate when people have a true passion for their work, and are not just “collecting a paycheck”. Upon meeting Rocio, that was exactly what I saw, in all aspects of her life. Rocio has a true gift in being a doula and she shares that in our community. Between volunteering, work as a doula, being a wife, and mom of 10, she is also going back to school to become an RN. Someone that truly loves what they do, will never stop learning. Rocio challenges herself daily to provide the best care to her clients, family, and herself. 

We met up at my home before Julia was born and Rocio walked my husband and myself through what early/active, labor would look like. She literally acted this out for us. I can not explain how helpful this was! She showed me how to move my body to help with the contractions and how my husband could help. He loved the way she taught us and we both felt more confident about delivering on post after. 

The day of the birth, Rocio, who had never been on Fort Benning OR in Martin Army Hospital, found her way to our room and got right to work. My husband said upon walking in the room he saw my tension go away and I was suddenly calmer. Though walking, using the birthing ball, and rocking with my husband, Rocio helped coach me through the contractions. She knew right away when I was transitioning to 10cm and got the team in the room. I will never forget that angels face during the hardest and scariest time in my life. She helped coach me through the contractions, she breathed right along with me, I felt encouraged, supported, and empowered with her on one side and my husband on the other. She worked with the interdisciplinary team as well, her communication was beautiful. 

I will never forget Julia being brought to my chest after she was born. I will never forget the look in my husbands eyes, or how Rocio just sat back and took it all in. During my golden hour of bonding with Julia, Rocio helped me with breast feeding, and made this new mom feel so confident and comfortable with her newborn. 

Rocio followed up with us about a week later to see how the family was doing. During these first few weeks of the babies life, they are (for good reason) the main attraction. Everyone wants to know how the baby is doing and dotes on them. Although Rocio wanted to check on Julia, she also focused on me. I can’t explain how good that was for my heart. I genuinely felt cared for, that she actually wanted to know how I was, Kristin, not just Julia’s mom. 

Since that visit she has texted me to make sure I’m doing well and I always start by telling her about the baby. She always makes sure I tell her how I am doing too. 

Being a military family, you meet challenges along the way that the typical family doesn’t. Having lack of family around you is one of those challenges, and it’s during times like pregnancy/child birth that missing family/friends is most palpable. I can tell you that having Rocio in the room with my husband was all the family I needed. This woman will forever have a place in our hearts." 

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sarah johnston.jpg
Sarah Johnston and Baby

August 2019: "We had our first baby on Aug. 15th, 2019. My husband and I liked the idea of a doula so I did some research and found Rocio. We instantly liked her laid back personality and the overall knowledge she had with labor and delivery. She far exceeded our expectations and really educated us. We learned labor cues, breathing and pain relief techniques, breastfeeding tips, etc. Most importantly she helped us feel comfortable as we prepared for our big day. Unfortunately, I ended up with a c-section and didn’t get to have my full doula experience. However, Rocio was there in the hospital with us to better explain things and prepare us for the surgery. She is a great woman and a wonderful doula. I highly recommend her!"

Shamanice Dontje

"This was my first birth and having Rocio as our doula was such an amazing and positive experience from beginning to end. She was incredibly supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and once labor started she was a pillar of strength for me and my husband as well. My baby is now three weeks old and she still is going above and beyond and checking up on me and the baby and offering resources and support if needed. We absolutely would hire her again if the opportunity presents itself again."


April Marie Warren (and baby Emma)

Home birth on 4/27/2021


I loved having Cio coach me throughout my “labor day.” In the weeks leading up to the baby’s arrival, she came to my home and walked me and my husband through what to expect and what labor might look like (and also what it might not look like since every person labors slightly differently.) Cio is a calming presence and very assured — I immediately felt confident in her knowledge and experience. 

When labor intensified at home to the point where Cio recommended I call her, she responded promptly in person. She gave timely directions to my husband when he needed it (i.e. filling up the bathtub with warm water.) Cio has the demeanor of a mother who watches over the red tent, the person I could lean on physically and emotionally during labor. She brought me back to myself when I felt overwhelmed and completely out of my depth at pushing, reminding me of the power in my body. 

Cio also visited me in the first couple weeks at home postpartum. She advised different holds for breastfeeding, showed me what sounds and visuals to look for to see that baby Emma was feeding properly, and she connected me to a compassionate and helpful lactation consultant. 

Cio’s quiet presence was calming in the early moments after the baby came, and she was unobtrusive to our little family’s golden hour. You could tell that she was radiant and full of joy at witnessing another birth. This is truly her passion. 

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