Lori Felten Clients...

Brianne W.

December 2016: "Lori Felten is amazing. She is kind, patient, wise, and funny. She has gone above and beyond what the traditional sense of a doula would be.  She was there for me during my pregnancy to attend doctors appointments that I didn’t want to go to alone. She was always a text or phone call away to answer any questions I had about pregnancy and what to expect during labor. She was an irreplaceable component the night I went into labor giving me and my husband a sense of comfort and strength. I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without her. One thing I was extremely grateful for was the priceless gift she provided of a journal she kept of our time in the hospital. Since my son has been born she has been a wealth of knowledge in the postpartum care of myself and my son. I would highly recommend Lori as your doula!"

Christy Y.

February 2016: "We had a great experience with Lori!  Having been through four births of her own, she was a wealth of knowledge for us.  She really listened to what we hoped for in our birth experience, and then she offerred her thoughts, ideas and wisdom for making it happen.  She was well informed about my rights as a patient and knew that I didn't have to stay in the hospital bed once the nurses started pitcoin (even though that's what they told me in my previous births).  So, we respectfully asked our nurses if I could bounce on a birthing ball and walk around even while on pitocin.  And we did it!  Unlike my previous four births, I didn't spend this labor in the hospital bed and it made such a big difference.  We walked around, did squats and bounced on a birthing ball (while jamming to Christian music).  She also had great ideas for helping the baby into the birth canal, pressure points (in your hips) to relieve pain and ideas for pushing using a bar on the bed to use gravity as my aid. 

Finally, I'd like to mention that I had a unique problem that Lori accommodated well.  During this pregnancy, I'd been plagued with pelvic congestion and venous stasis which manifested itself in a swollen right leg and foot, varicose veins throughout my right leg (with superficial blood clots) and nerve compression in my foot.  I labored in my compression hose!  But Lori was a great coach and helped me to rest my leg/foot as much as possible in between sessions of walking, bouncing and squatting!! 

After having been through this birth experience together, we consider her part of the family!!"