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Testimonials from Katie Shuler Clients...

Hunter B. and Baby Hadley

November 2014: "My husband and I hired Katie to support us while he was deployed during our pregnancy. She answered my anxious, first-time-mom questions via text or phone call and became a friend to me even before our birth. Katie stayed with me for the duration of active labor and brought a delicious meal that catered to our special dietary needs to our home along with precious photos she took during our birth. We couldn't have been more pleased with the support, love and care we received from Katie as our doula and highly recommend her to anyone in the Columbus area!" 

Shannon Barger and Wyatt Julia

 March 2016:  "Katie went above and beyond her duties as doula. I never would have made it without her! She was a soothing and calming presence for my very long labor.  I went into latent labor at 9:30pm on a Sunday evening, I thought it was real labor so I called my wonderful doula, Katie, and she came right over. She helped me through the contractions and through the night until it was time to go to the hospital. She stayed with us the whole 36 hours until our beautiful baby girl was born!!"

C. Hall and Baby Luke

March 2016:  "As a first time mom, having Katie as a part of our birth experience was amazing. She provided a wealth of information that helped guide us through the process. When we ran into slight difficulties during labor, she provided the guidance and confidence we needed to push through. We loved her as our doula!"

Y. Fogarty and Baby Jonah

November 2015: "We found Katie extremely experienced and knowledgeable about birth environments (practices, hospitals, midwives) in the Columbus area. When we had my son we were new to town after a military move and Katie provided much needed guidance and support through our birth experience. We are so thankful to have found her!"

Tiffany W. and Baby W

February 2016:  "Having a doula gave me the reassurance and support that I needed to be able to enjoy the most exciting yet nerve wracking experience of my life."

Brittany Fair and Baby Emma Riley

July 2016:  "We are so grateful for Katie.  She was extremely helpful both before and during delivery. She was always available to answer our questions or concerns we had and calm my first time mom nerves! During delivery she went above and beyond to help me as well as my husband. She truly helped make my delivery a much better experience!"

Christina K. and Baby TJ.

November 2014: "Katie helped us make plans for child birth, and then helped us walk through figuring out what to do when nothing went as planned. As grateful as I was to have her support, my husband turned out to be even more so, eventually admitting that he would not have known what he needed to do had Katie not been there to help guide him."

 Jaclyn C. and Baby Clara

October 2015: "I am forever thankful that we decided to have Katie as our doula for the birth of our first baby. Katie helped to ease my fears of a natural labor in the months leading up to baby. On the morning that my water broke, Katie met us at the hospital with breakfast (for my husband) and she helped me to feel confident, and at ease about the unknown that was to come. During labor, Katie was invaluable in helping us to weigh decisions and understand our options. She provided physical support in the form of counter-pressure, foot massage, and positioning for contractions. What I am the most thankful for is that she was able to guide my husband as to what to do to support me best. She let him lead, and was a presence of calm and peace in the hospital room. Katie told us beforehand that she was there to support both of us, and she did this beautifully."

Chris and Sarah B. with twin baby boys, Seth and Owen

 January 2017: "What a blessing to have Katie as our doula!  She is very professional and personable and excited about seeing healthy moms and healthy babies.  Her wise prenatal counsel, encouraging words, and faithful, calm presence amidst the every-changing hospital staff during delivery was truly appreciated.  We would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a natural childbirth in the Columbus area."

Katie R. and Anniston

May 2017:  "We are very happy that we chose Katie to be our doula. She was able to guide my husband on how to help me when I was in labor and it was a huge help. She helped both of us with labor positions & breathing techniques. Katie took a lot off of our plate when I was in labor as far as waiting with my son till our babysitter got here so we could head to the hospital to taking pictures since our family couldn’t be here. When I started having contractions every day 3 weeks prior to my due date she was always just a text or a phone call away for help and reassurance. She would even reach out and check on me just to see how I was doing and how I was feeling. It was so helpful to have Katie especially since we don’t have family in the state. We had an awesome experience having Katie as our doula & are grateful for all of her help. "

Amanda W. and Baby Magnolia

June 2016:  "Katie is warm and personable and instantly makes you feel at ease. The prenatal visits helped prepare us for labor and gave us a chance to ask questions. During labor, Katie had a calm confidence that made me feel empowered to push through and was a voice of reason when we needed it. The pictures she took of our daughter's birth are absolutely priceless to us. I highly recommend her whether this is your first birth or fifth; it is money well spent as an investment into a beautiful birth experience for you and your baby." 

Dani L. and Baby Mary

July 2017:  "I had a scheduled cesarean with my first baby, so labor and delivery was a whole new experience for me. With Katie’s help and knowledge, I was able to achieve my goal of a successful VBAC. Our prenatal meetings with Katie helped my husband and I feel prepared for the big event. When it was time, Katie helped me labor at home, and then assisted with a natural delivery at the hospital. I couldn’t have done it without Katie’s guidance! We are so thankful for her." 

Eleanor B and Baby James
Eleanor Black.jpeg

May 2018:  "We were impressed by Katie the first time we met with her. She is kind and knowledgeable and truly cares about helping people carry out their birth plan. I wanted to have my firstborn son without any pain medication. She made sure I knew what resources to tap into so I knew what to expect when the day came. She was always just a text or call away to answer any of my many questions. When the time came for my induction, she came straight to the hospital. During early labor, she helped distract me with conversation and then when I really had to focus, she was right alongside my husband encouraging me and letting me know I could do it! She gave advice as to more comfortable positions and brought a wonderful lavender oil to help me relax. She is so sweet and kind, I would recommend her to anyone! I couldn’t have had the birth I wanted with such peace of mind if it weren’t for her." 

Stephanie P. and Daphne Mae

May 2018:  "I hired Katie for my second baby, and it made everything so much easier for both me and my husband! She was extremely supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. She helped me find a provider in Columbus who would support my ideal birth plan, including putting in a good word for me with the Midwives at St. Francis. She helped me through a week of early labor, coming to my house when I thought things were progressing and comforting me when I got frustrated. I can't recommend her enough!" 

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