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Services Provided

Birth Doula
Birthing packages vary with each birth doula.  Specific details about what each birth doula offers and their service fees will be outlined in a free personal interview.
Birth Packages include variations of items listed below:

Initial Interview:

-free, no obligation

Prenatal Visits:

-One and/or Two prenatal visits (about 1-2 hours each).

-In your Home

-Birth Education​

-Assistance with your Birth Plan.

​-Teach prenatal exercises

Telephone Support:

Labor Support:

-In your home and at the hospital

-On call 2 weeks before your due date. 

-Continuous support throughout active labor, delivery, and 1-2 hours postpartum.


-Remember the moment photos of labor, delivery, and newborn. 

Breastfeeding support:

​Postpartum Visit:

-In your home to check on you and baby.

-Verify breastfeeding is going well.

-Instruct on how to identify signs of postpartum depression.

​Service Area:​

Primary and Extended Service Area:

Columbus, GA

Fort Benning, GA

Lagrange, GA


Opelika, AL

Auburn, AL

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