Cheri Johnson CD(DONA)

I have three beautiful children.  Our oldest daughter has graduated college, our son is currently in college, and our youngest daughter is in high school.  All three of my pregnancies and births were different.  I have personally experience two inductions, one epidural, and one cesarean section.  I was very young when I had my first child, and I did not know anything about the birthing process.  We were miles away from family, with no support, and I felt lost and alone.  I didn’t know I had choices, and I just put my trust in the doctors.

All three of my children were born in a military hospital, so I understand the challenges and joys of military life.  I was a medic in the National Guard and an EMT.  Because of medical issues, I could no longer serve my country and community in this manner.  A friend explained to me what a doula was and it resonated with me. 

After researching, I became passionate about the message and service a doula provides.  Just having a doula during labor and delivery can reduce the length of labor, reduce the need for medical interventions, and can reduce the chances of a cesarean section.

The main reason I became a doula is to provide women with information so they can make their own informed decisions during their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum; to encourage and comfort them during this process, so they know they are not alone with me by their side.